Sometimes I have so much to do that I do nothing. I go over and over the list of must-dos in my head so many times that I panic when I forget one (or several). I have a knot in my stomach and succumb to the paralysis of panic.

A couple months ago I found the Prioritizer from the Idea Sandbox. It’s so elementary that it’s embarrassing I couldn’t come up with this on my own. I’ve been using it for a while now, and it results in a printable, manageable list.

I just had a phone call from a friend who’s been in similar straights. I had shared my secret prioritizer weapon with her about a week ago. She said she just didn’t know why I hadn’t blogged it. So, now I share it!

So, do I have it all together and prioritized now? Well, now I’m prioritizing all the lists I’ve printed out.

Idea Sandbox: Prioritizer