Welcome, PLA

The Public Library Association is holding its biennial conference in Minneapolis this week. Two years ago, when we were in Boston for the 2006 conference, all the southern librarians were in a panic when they learned that the 2008 meeting would be in frigid Minneapolis. Minnesota librarians assured them that late March is spring in our state — no need to worry that you don’t have warm enough coats. Well sorry . . . we lied . . . but not on purpose. But please, enjoy our warm hospitality and skyways!

I am a little disappointed in the media welcome though. Not much news coverage, and the online KARE 11 story shows that the reporter is not familiar with libraries like the ones in the small towns I’ve worked with. The report begins: “Once the backbone of communities, public libraries have slowly lost their place at the forefront. However, thousands of librarians are in Minneapolis this week to make sure their not forgotten.”

Well, I beg to differ. Many libraries are part of the backbone infrastructure that supports their communities. And furthermore, the PLA meeting is more than a rally to raise library popularity. And I won’t even comment on the writer’s deficit in literacy skills, demonstrated in his lack of discernment between their and they’re.

Anyway, welcome, library colleagues! We’re glad you’re here for another inspiring PLA Conference.

My food photos recognized

At last notoriety! For my great leadership and management? Naw! For my awe-inspiring musical performance? Naw! For my insightful blog posts? Naw . . . . for my pictures of food. The ones all my friends and colleagues make fun of.

Well, let me tell you . . . the photo I took of the artfully presented entrees at the Cheescake Factory when I was at PLA in Boston 2 years ago is part of the Schmap Boston Guide. They even asked my permission. So, I guess that proves it, huh? I am an officially recognized food photographer.

Watch out for me at PLA in Minneapolis next month ;^)

here’s my photo, in case you missed it
barb-camera 011