Facebook privacy

Now there’s an oxymoron – Facebook privacy. Some people think of Facebook as a place to be seen and that one can never have too many friends. But thousands and thousands? Oh come on. I’m a late-comer to Facebook, having joined about a year ago. I enjoy it, and lately have been amazed at the number of my peers who are coming online. We’re having a grand time.

Always cautious about my privacy and reputation, I went through all the profile/privacy options and so far they seem to be working for me. At least no one has complained. ‘Course maybe because they can’t find me, although I’m getting plenty of communications. I especially like the Friend List option – that way I can limit exposure of some things to certain groups. And I’m pretty sure that my business colleagues will say thank you for not inflicting my dog pictures on them (sorry family Friends).

There’s a pretty great guide to Facebook privacy settings on the All Facebook blog – 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know. I thought I’d gotten all the privacy I needed, but I found a few settings I missed.