Teaching game about tags

A great idea for teaching and learning about tagging from Joyce Valenza’s NeverEndingSearchBlog. The game is called Fastr, developed by Scott Reynen of randomchaos.com. The game generates a group of ten Flickr images and you guess the common tag. As Joyce warns, probably not real appropriate for younger children, given what may pop up in Flickr, although when I tried it I didn’t see anything inappropriate (I only guessed about half).


I found cranky.com this morning, thanks to Chris Sherman at Search Engine Land. Chris says the search engine is “. . . really a select directory of 5,000 sites most popular among users 45 and older, simplifies search results by only presenting you four links and specially created annotations, along with ads served by partner Ask.com.”

A linked article from CNN Money says the site is aimed at Baby Boomers and Seniors who get cRANKy from getting lost in too many search results. Building on the word “rank” in the middle of the word, the search site attempts to bring more relevant results through only using those sites most popular with seniors.

I predict early demise.

Incidentally, I checked it out — the entry page lists the top 10 searches. When I checked it, the #1 listing was “sex” followed by “brain builders” and rounding out the top ten with “arthritis.”