Not going to cave

Well, it’s been 5 days since I became a Twitter quitter. Withdrawal has been minimal, maybe even non-existent. My staff is quite amazed that there is something 2.0 that I haven’t dived into, and if the truth be known, they’re most likely relieved that this something I haven’t tried to cajole them into. Life is good, and I haven’t felt the least bit left out.

That is, until this afternoon. I received an invitation to an online webinar, sponsored by Polaris entitled Consider the Source: The Integrated Library System Marketplace. I filled out the online registration, and there it was, the last data field “Twitter handle.” OUCH.   Good thing it wasn’t a required field.

Twitter quitter

I just deleted my Twitter account, and I feel great. I’ve made a valiant attempt to Twitter for well over a year. I’ve been a fairly early adapter in almost everything 2.0, and I have found many tools very useful. Other tools I’ve cast aside, but my judgment has pretty much paralleled that of others. However, while the world is ga ga for this Twitter thing, it just isn’t me. I’ve tried – honest. But every time I get another E-mail that someone is following me (most of them, other Twitterers with sleazy sounding names) I get the creeps.

My daily life is pretty dull, a lot of the mundane stuff of management. Other more interesting stuff that I could write falls under privileged information that I don’t even tell my walking partner, and she’s a furry yellow lab. And as for my daily life, it’s just plain boring. . . bought flowers, planted flowers, tried to run over rabbit that ate my flowers.

I’ve tried following some people. During the political campaigns (were they only a year ago?), I tried following candidates to learn something about them. All I got in my Twitter collector was well-crafted sound bites, probably written by staff members. And tweets from other lesser known folks are definitely TMI! As for other tweets, at best, I just plain don’t care. While I’m looking for something professionally, or even culturally enlightening, I find out that “the cat threw up.” Ewwwww.

So, I guess for now I’m just not one of the hip or cool kids. But, just in case I have a change of heart, I followed Twitter’s directions for preserving my name ;^) And maybe I’ll be back.

Now, if I could just find a support group for casting off Twitter guilt.