Blogging Class

Aurora and I taught the first blogging class today. I started blogging after catching the bug at Internet Librarian over 2 years ago. I saw right away a tool that even technologically hesitant librarians could use to communicate news from their libraries to their web-savvy communities. In the next year, I taught 3 librarians to blog:
#1 — caught on fairly quickly, but was discouraged by connectivity challenges and gave up in frustration.
#2 — still has a blog, but has not caught the fever and posts infrequently (so far)
#3 — saw the potential. Posts regularly. Participated in a conference presentation extolling the fun of blogging.

Today’s class had 9 participants (maximum enrollment for our training lab). A high school media specialist even had her blog live by the end of class.

Wonder if the demonstrated success ration of 1 in 3 will hold with this group???