Energy of change

Is change energizing or draining? Depends on how you look at it. I’m usually energized by change. Sure it’s tiring, but it’s a good tired. It’s been over 2 months since I made an employment change and moved 100 miles up the highway. While I was far from burned out in my former job, I find every day a new and exciting adventure. I actually get up and can’t wait to get to work. Yup! For me, change is invigorating.

Sort of like re-arranging the furniture in your house. Some people never move a chair. Others move the couches so often that you’d better check behind before you sit down, lest it has moved across the room. I’m sort of in between (partly because my house doesn’t give me a lot of options). And when you do sit down, and the couch is facing north instead of south, you get a whole new view of the room. You see things differently when the light shines on you from a different angle.

Had an inspiring change moment yesterday when I invited a small staff team to vision how we might re-arrange the public area of the library. First we gathered around a table, and soon we were walking around the library. Before I knew it, the team was so excited that they couldn’t wait to accomplish even some small change that would feel like progress. They moved chairs and tables. Then we came downstairs and dug through closets finding magazine shelving for a revamped teen area. We’ll have to wait for moves that involve electrical cords and Cat 5 cable, but we’re on our way. Even today, people are pouring over sketches and diagrams What fun!

Blog readability

Formulating a message to fit the audience is a constant challenge — in both written and spoken communication. The online Blog Readability Test purports to assess a reading level for blogs, or any URL you put in the search box. I am proud to say that this blog rates a “College” rating (smirk). Well, alright, it’s only “undergrad” but it’s a credible rating, albeit from a suspect algorithm. Imagine my astonishment to find that my library system’s newly launched East Central Libraries collaborative blog rates “Genius.” Wow!

Thanks to Stephen’s Lighthouse for this tip