Looking at the last post I made — can it be November 11, 2009? It’s not that I haven’t thought about writing . . . probably hundreds of blog posts started, written in my head. Many of them rants that are better left unwritten. Some on sensitive topics that should not be shared. A few rather political or personal — not good to broadcast that stuff either. So, I guess the world, or at least the blogosphere, will never know what I’ve been thinking for the last  seven months.

So yesterday, I wanted to get the skeleton of a blog post down before I lost the thought — and, would you believe I couldn’t get into my blog? Well, first of all, when I logged into my server account, I got the message that there was such a critical security update necessary that I couldn’t get in until I updated WordPress. Well, OK, I’ve been ignoring those e-mails for a while – so why not press the “update” button. Did that, and went on to something else.

When I came back to my now updated WordPress installation, I proceeded to log in. Oops – I stared blankly at the screen. Then I found the “forgot your password” link. Filled in my e-mail address. Eeek, that address not on file. Geez, which one did I use? Hazardous to own server space that gives unlimited e-mail accounts. Not gonna guess the e-mail I guess. Try the user login option. Now what kind of idiot can’t even remember the user login. Nothing related to the domain or me. Ugh.

Well, I guess you can tell that through a trial and error process I guessed the user name and got my password. I managed to log in.

I haven’t a clue what the blog post was that I couldn’t wait to write. But I broke the drought. Is it over? Only time will tell.