Be the Bridge

On Friday, when I was in our northernmost library I saw terrific customer service — and an example of the library being the bridge over the technology divide.

A man came in who needed his time sheet FAXed to his employer. The FAX machine was broken at his customary workforce center and he came to the library. Incidentally, the library deserves another attaboy for having positioned itself as a go-to place.

The Branch Manager told the man that the charge for sending FAXes was $2. The man said he didn’t have $2, and could not cash a check, since he didn’t have an account in town. Watching from a short distance away, I could see the desperation in his face and body language. Since Friday was my pay-date, I could identify with how important it was for him to be paid. In truth, I’ll bet his immediate need for a pay-check probably was more acute than mine.

The Branch Manager did what I see as the right thing — she treated him with respect, offered assistance, and sent the FAX and told him to pay her when he could. Wow! Congrats, MB. I’m proud of you and our libraries!

1 thought on “Be the Bridge”

  1. KindnessR30;compassionR30;humanity.

    I hope that such things are not exception they seem to be nowadays.

    Out of curiosity, how old is MB? Are we seeing a shining star among the youth/younger? Such a gesture is more commonly found in our older folks, who have a greater sense of the value of such things.

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